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A Beverage Boys speciality - importing some of the finest brands of Prosecco, why not try something different? Do you know your DOC from your DOCG, the Glera grape used to make Prosecco? A brand you may not have heard of or that is not on your supermarket shelf, we work with a select few wineries where Prosecco is their passion and we are bringing that passion to you! Our selection is ever-growing as the UK is still one of the biggest Prosecco consumers, meaning more wineries want to showcase their amazing bubbles - see for yourself. Brands we work with - Millage, Reguta, La Rughe, Radise


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Beverage Boys is an importer, distributor and innovator. With a growing portfolio of the finest distillers across the globe and a plethora of bespoke services, we are proud to be the leading drink importer in the UK.

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